How to use the panel

Every researcher or policy maker can use the LISS panel (or Immigrant panel up until December 2014) in paid assignment. In the past, the panels have been used by a large variety of disciplines from the social sciences, but also from the medical and biomedical sciences.

We value the scientific quality of the panel and the long-term relationship with our respondents very highly. Therefore, proposed questions must be comprehensible to all respondents, and should not be offensive or culturally inappropriate to any group. Use can be made of the entire LISS panel, but also random sub-samples or specific target groups can be selected for a survey or experiment.

There is no prerequisite or absolute limit regarding the length of the questionnaire. All collected data can easily be linked to data collected in the LISS Core Study and a wide range of assembled studies.

Requests for using the LISS panel can be submitted by e-mail to Boukje Cuelenaere. Please specify requested sample size, sample composition, desired timing of the fieldwork, repeated measurement (where applicable), and content of the questions (or a draft questionnaire). We can advise researchers in designing the survey or experiment, given our long-term experience with survey design and the different research disciplines within the organization. A specification of the required budget will be provided soon after a request has been received.

When the required budget is approved by the researcher(s), we will prepare for the fieldwork in close cooperation with the involved researcher(s). The data are delivered to the researcher within one month after completion of the fieldwork, or, in case of complex data, within a period mutually agreed. As we strive to keep data from the LISS panel accessible for the scientific community (after approval of the researcher), the data will become, in principle, available through the LISS Data Archive after twelve months.