Research in the LISS Panel

Academic researchers from the Netherlands and abroad as well as policy makers can field their surveys in the LISS panel (or Immigrant panel up until December 2014).

The data obtained by these studies are published on this website (see Data Archive) and can thus also be used by other researchers.

In addition to the studies proposed by external researchers, the LISS Core Study is conducted each year.
This longitudinal study provides a wide range of data on the panel members that can be combined with the data of the Assembled Studies.
A large part of the LISS Core Study were also conducted in the Immigrant panel.

The demographics and other general background information on the households and respondents are updated each month (see Background Variables).

The metadata and codebooks of all published studies are directly accessible via the Data Archive.

The published data can be accessed free of charge for scientific or policy relevant (non-commercial) research.
To download the survey data you need to sign a statement confirming that you agree to the conditions.